• 4 in 1 Clip-on Camera Dual Lens Kit 0.65X Wide Angle Fish Eye 10X Macro Lens 1.5X Telephoto Lens | | Compatible All Smartphones, Android & iOS: iPhones 6, 6S, 7, 7 Plus, 8, 8 Plus, X, XR

    • SUPERIOR OPTICS – One of the biggest challenges in making quality glass is eliminating distortion. Made from premium multi-coated optics.
    • The lens kit is suit for iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone6S/6 plus, For iPhone8/iPhone 7/6/6s/5s/5c/5, iPhone SE, meets the needs of both dual lens and single lens. You can switch different lens by adjusting focal length when using dual lens and choose any lens for shooting when using single lens.
    • 160°Fisheye Lens : The fisheye lens enables you to see the world in a much funnier perspective. It’s ideal for catching incredible and interesting rounded images.
    • 10X Macro Lens : 10X macro lens is capable for carrying out close-up photography, perfect for shooting small objects in details such as insects, flowers, stamps and so on.
    • 0.65X Wide Angle Lens : 0.65 times wide-angle lens to explore magical world in a wider perspective. You can shoot a wide range of scenery such as group of people, architecture, landscape, etc.
  • Adjustable Aluminium Alloy Tripod Stand Holder for Mobile Phones & Camera, 360 mm -1050 mm, 1/4 inch Screw + Mobile Holder Bracket

    • Material: Aluminium Alloy,Three-Way Head:The tripod’s three-way head allows for ultimate versatility. Easily change the orientation of the camera from portrait to landscape–and almost any angle in between with the handy tilt motion. Turn the knobs to secure. The tripod also allows for full panoramic possibilities with its 360-degree swivel function.
    • Color: Black,Universal Phone Holder: This is a 100% Brand new with excellent quality, phone bracket is automatic elastic, stretch can clip 5.4-8.8cm width’s phone. Phone bracket is adjustable and lightweight, easy to use and carry with. With standard tripod hole, you can install in any 1/4″ tripod stand.
    • Level tester:This tripod equiped with level tester, which can detect and adjust the horizontal position of it. When the ground is not level, you can recognize it immediately and adjust the tripod leg to keep level.
    • Package Contents: 1 Camera Mobile Phone Stand Holder
    • Special Features: Features with a pan-tilt-swivel head with bubble leave; Special Features2: 3 Section Legs, extendable legs

      Product Description





  • Azacus Professional High End Wireless Bluetooth (Mobile/Camera Stick) Monopod Selfie Stick Suitable with All Devices | YT 228 Mini Tripod for Smartphone’s and DSLR Cameras Combo Offer

    • Adjustable head and thumb screw locks for multiple angle shooting with 360 degrees position. Rubbery handle and attached strap for security of item in use
    • Standard adapter allows you to attach this selfie stick to any camera. With the included cellphone clamp, you can attached it to any mobile phone up to 80mm width
    • The reinforced aluminium tubes enable you to reach a length of 48.4 inches while maintaining shooting stability, the remote shutter is detachable for separate use at your need
    • The mono-pod comes with a lock so that you can adjust it at any length you want (from 425mm to 1250mm)
    • The bluetooth remote is for smartphone only and works only with android 4.3 or above and ios 5.0 or above. Bluetooth remote is not suitable for action and digital cameras
  • Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Sticks with Wireless Remote and Tripod Stand, 3-in-1 Multifunctional Selfie Stick with Tripod Stand Compatible with iPhone/OnePlus/Samsung/Oppo/Vivo and All Phones

      • Ultra Light Selfie Stick can be used to Take selfies or capture your favourate videos. This multifunction tripod with selfie stick weighs only 113 Grams.. Rubber Grip : No
      • This is a Bluetooth Enabled selfie Stick for Mobile Phone. Just click the wireless remote to capture the photo
      • Use this Selfie Stand to Watch your favorite videos or conduct Online Meetings
      • This Selfie Sticks for All phone is compatible with all smartphones of 4 Inches to 6.5 Inches dimensions.
      • Bluetooth Selfie Stick is provided with a tiny wireless remote that can be connected to your phone and can be used up to about 15 Ft
      • WeCool Mobile Selfie Stick is compact and foldable. It can be Extended up to 60 Cms long
      • Selfie Stand for Mobile Phone can be Rotated to 360 degree + 220 Degree Angular Adjustment
      • This is a multifunctional Selfie Stick Tripod. Refer to our Video on how to use this as a selfie stick or as a Tripod
      • Record your videos using this selfie sticks with Tripod Stand. This is a mini Tripod that is foldable and easy to carry. Made of Fiber and Stainless Steel
      • WeCool Bluetooth Extendable Selfie Stick has 6 Month warranty please reach out to 9036228529 for any issue with the product
        Bluetooth selfie stick
        Bluetooth selfie stick
  • Camera Lens Fiber Screen Protector for Realme C2

    • Light thin and highly transparent, and invisible protection has no influence on image quality.
    • Strong anti-scratch protection, flexible toughening, 9H hardness.
    • Overall coverage, the mold in opened in accordance with real phone, thus it can fit with lens and provide complete protection.
    • 0.1mm in thickness, high clearness and high transparency, displaying clear and high-definition images.
    • Easy taking and sticking, electrostatic adsorption, simple sticking.
  • Eocean 110 in 1 Professional Screwdriver Kit Multi-Function Magnetic Repair Tool Kit Compatible with iPhone/iPad/Android/Computer/Laptop/PC (Blue)

    • Multi-Magnetic Screwdriver Kit : Professional 110-in-1 multi-function interchangeable precise manual tool set, Comes with all the necessary tools for a wide variety of jobs. Perfect for repairing laptops, mobile devices and other precision items like wristwatches and eyeglasses. Light weight and compact design
    • Stable And Well Accessible: Flexible shaft additional extension rod of up to 60mm adjustable length and a flexible soft shaft is offered, screw driver with STRONG magnetic tips and anti slip. Allowing you to achieve screws that are completely inaccessible, ideal for stereo work. Box size: 21x9x3cm is easy to carry and portable, you can put it in travel bag, car or tool box.
    • High Quality and Well Perform: Shafts of the screwdrivers are made with chrome vanadium, which is a mixture of alloys. It improves the resistance to rust as well as endure heavier load. Thus, the product is made more durable.
    • Magnetic Screwdriver Kit: The screwdriver heads are magnetic, Made of impact-resistant tool steels, solid as chrome vanadium steel, and they can tighten the screws during repair, which improves performance and saves your time and effort.
    • Widely Use: Perfect repairing tools for iPad, iPhone, Tablets, Laptops, PC, Smartphones, Watches, Glasses, Camera PS4/Xbox controller and Other Electronic Devices.

      Product Description

      Screwdriver set

      Why do you want to choose Eocean 110 in 1 precision screwdriver kit?

      Features: chrome-vanadium steel, high hardness bit are suitable for repairing your tools.

      Practical Design: All the screwdriver bits you need to repair electronics (refrigerators, TVs, washing machines, air conditioners, etc.), smartphones, tablets, computers, game consoles in one handy toolkit.

      Screwdriver set


      Package weight: 15.2 ounces

      Package Size: 6.8 x 4.2 x 2.3 inches

      Package Contents:

      1 x magnetic handle 1 x extension shaft 1 x short post 1 x aluminum alloy extension shaft 1 x toolbox

      1 x tweezers 1 x iPhone pin 1 x suction cup 1 x magnetiser/demagnetizer 1 x bracts

      2 x crowbar 8 x 4mm Mini Sockets: M2.5 · M3 · M3.5 · M4 (2 pieces) · M4.5 · M5 · M5.5

      90x precision bit:

      Slit: 1.0 (2 pieces) · 1.5 (2 pieces) · 2.0 (2 pieces) · 2.5 (2 pieces) · 3.0 (2 pieces) · 3.5 (2 pieces) · 4.0 (2 pieces)

      Phillips: PH000 (2 pieces) · PH00 (2 pieces) · PH0 (2 pieces) · PH1 (2 pieces) · PH2 (2 pieces)

      Pozidriv: PZ00 (2 pieces) · PZ0 (2 pieces) · PZ1 (2 pieces) · PZ2 (2 pieces)

      Torx: T3 (2 pieces) · T4 (2 pieces) · T5 (2 pieces) · T6 (2 pieces) · T7 (2 pieces) · T8 (2 pieces) · T9 (2 pieces) · T10 (2 pieces) · T15 (2 pieces) · T20 (2 pieces)

      Screw: 0.7 · 0.9 · 1.0 · 1.3 (2 pieces) · 3.5 (2 pieces) · 1.5 (3 pieces) · 2.0 (3 pieces) · 2.5 (3 pieces) · 3.0 (3 pieces) · 4.0 (3 pieces)

      Pentalob: 0.8 (2 pieces) · 1.2 (2 pieces) · 1.5 (2 pieces) · 2.0 (2 pieces)

      Tri-Wing: 2.0 – 3.0 Spanner: 2.6 (2 pieces) Dreikant: 2.0 – 2.3 – 2.7 – 3.0

  • Flexible Tripod stand for DSLR camera, mobile and GoPro with detachable ball head & smartphone mount – Gorilla tripod to create amazing photos & videos for your audience

    • [FLEXIBLE]: Non-rigid bendable legs wrap around objects to provide unlimited viewing and use angles. Secure your camera or smartphone on virtually any surface without any worries of this octopus tripod breaking down.
    • [PORTABLE]: Compact & lightweight mini tripod is perfect for travel. This sleek design is better than a ball & socket joint design – gorillapod in a way that the payload capacity of the legs will not wear off with time due to friction.
    • [DURABLE]: Flexible mini tripod made from highest grade ABS plastic & TPE rubber. Foot grips on this handy tripod provide for a stable structure immune to damage, even in windy conditions – use without any motion blur or camera shake.
    • [COMPATIBLE]: Maximum Payload for this gorilla tripod is 1 Kg. Can be used with devices like Camcorders, Mirrorless Cameras, SLR/DSLR, Point and Shoot Cameras, Android/iOS Phones, GoPro or any other Action Cameras.
    • [VERSATILE]: Not a regular off-the-shelf product. Custom designed for a Visual Content Creator: YouTuber, Vlogger, Photographer, Videographer – Dedicated to better content creation. Unleash your creativity now.

      Product Description

      Building Loyal Audience With Content

      Our mission is to help Visual Content Creators

      • Create engaging content for their audience
      • Implement tactical marketing strategies
      • Become an Influencer in their niche market

      As a creator and marketer yourself, you must realize that the consumer has grown to become nearly insatiable.

      With a constantly changing nature of the Internet, you are required to adapt yourself while being consistent and loyal to your followers – which requires a rapid yet quality production of content.

      Doing so without a plan and proper equipments can lead to a lot of frustration.

      That’s where we come in.

      Flexible Tripod EpyQPod Gorillapod Gorilla Camera Mobile GoPro Phone Octopus Mini Content Creator
      Flexible Tripod EpyQPod Gorillapod Gorilla Camera Mobile GoPro Phone Strong Durable Sturdy Stable

      Foot Grips Provide For Stability Even In Windy Conditions

      • Flexible mini tripod made from highest grade ABS plastic, stainless steel, TPE rubber and aluminium.
      • Extra stable structure immune to damage.
      • Non slip rubber feet increase the comfort of usage and with an attached 360 degree ball head – the possibilities are limitless.
  • FOTON Camera TTL Flash Speedlite Speedlight DF860 Mark III for Canon and Nikon Cameras

    • Complete TTL compatibility with both Canon and Nikon DSLR Cameras. Auto E-TTL and i-TTL detect when mounted on any Canon or Nikon DSLR. Contents : Camera Flash DF 860 Mark III – 1 no. Flash Stand – 1 No. Flash Diffuser – 1 no. Carry Pouch – 1 no
    • High Power Output : Guide No.72, Fast Recharging : 0.1 – 3 Seconds, Flash modes : Automatic, Stroboscopic, LED, Canon Master, Nikon Master, Slave C, Slave N, mode S1, S2
    • High speed synchronous : 1/8000 high speed sync, 4 Channel wireless control for multi flash setup and special lighting needs (You can use triggers like GODOX, TIFY)
    • Power Zoom lens control with wide angle diffuser for perfect flash coverage, All-metal Flash Foot for added durability and stability when mounted on camera
    • Power Output can be adjusted from 1/1 to 1/128, Multiple auto self protection for power saving and against overheating.For Flash reset, Please press and hold ‘select’ button (which is middle button) and turn it on
  • Maono AU-400 Lavalier Microphone (Black)

    • 4-pole jack is compatible for laptop which has only one audio male jack (input/output), iPhone android Smartphone, PlayStation 4, this mini microphone is specially designed for smartphone, tablet, laptop, PS4 or Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime talking, YouTube recording, Podcasting, webinar
    • The pin is thin enough to directly plug into your mobile 3.5mm headset jack even wearing a phone protector, High-quality and omnidirectional function, easy to use
    • It picks up sound equally from all around the microphone, allowing for versatility when mounting and ensuring a high degree of user-friendly operation
    • With the help of 78 inches long cord, it makes the podcasting at a distance with your mobile much easier and easy clip on your tie or shirt collar for sound recording because of sturdy metal clip
    • An Extra 3-pin Adapter for DSLR: If you are going to use this mic with DSLR, camera or other device with 3-pin jack, please use this adapter.
  • MMOBIEL Front Camera Replacement Compatible with iPhone 6 Proximity Light Sensor Face Detection 1.2MP incl Screwdriver

    • MMOBIEL Face Front Camera Compatible with iPhone 6 Face detection 1,2MP HDR Proximity Light Sensor Flex incl Mic Cable 2x screwdriver for Easy Installation
    • High Quality Professional Kit – Incl 2 x screwdriver for Easy Installation!
    • Easy Installation Accurate Replacement part used to ReplaceThe broken damaged part! Perfect fit Guaranteed. You do not need a Technician to do it.
    • Compatibility: compatible with iPhone 6 A1549 A1586 A1589 NOT with iPhone 6 Plus Important: Please checkThe Model Number BEFORE purchasing this Item. You will find the model number on the back of your device (see product images on the left)
    • High Quality Product by MMOBIEL: Each part is tested before shipment, Item in Stock!

    Product Description

    With the MMOBIEL Front Camera Replacement Kit, you will be able to fix your phone in no time! Everything you need is inside this DIY Front Camera Replacement Kit.

    CAUTION: Before dissasembling your phone, discharge your battery below 25%! A charged lithium-ion battery can catch fire or explode if accidentally punctured.

    BEFORE YOU START: Please create a backup of your iPhone.

  • Mobile Cleaning Cloth Mix Colours Good Quality 100 Pcs Packet/ Screen Non-Alcohol Cleaning Gel

    Mobile Cleaning Cloth Mix Colours Good Quality 100 Pcs Packet

    • Use: Cleaning, Material: Cotton
    • Classification: Sleeveless Apron, Type: apron, Style: plant
    • Item category type : House hold cleaning accessories
    • Brand New And High Quty
    • Package included : 1x 10pcs : 10pcs/pack New Glasses Cloth Fabric Mobile Phone Camera Wipes
    • Computer Lcd Monitor Ipad Cleaning Tools Accessories
    • Non-Alcoholic
    • Suitable for both glass and non-glass surface
    • Available in Multi Colours
    • The Superfine fiber cloth was made with special special High Technology Process. 100% compatible with all kind of screens
  • Mobile Magic Smart Wearable Finger Rings for Smartphone

    • Feature: Quick View / Quick Task Start / Privacy Protection, Size: American standard ring size 7-12, 6, Material: Pure titanium black glaze/golden white enamel, Style: Ring style, Color: Black, Similar product: voice activated recorder, with: USB Flash Voice Recorder, Perfect Match to: Mixer Video
    • Package: Yes
    • 1GB, Record Audio Format- MP3, WAV, REC, Model Number: R3, Signal transmission distance: 1. 5cm, Technology: Near Field Communication

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